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Official World of Speed Timing:
(Courtesy of the Southern Californian Timing Association)

World of Speed timing was of the average speed, in miles per hour, commencing at the 2 mile mark from the start line as follows;

  • Timing of the 2 mile mark over the Quarter Mile.

  • The First Mile was from the 2 mile mark to the three mile mark.

  • The Middle Mile was timed from the 3 mile mark to the 4 mile mark.

  • The Last Mile was timed from the 4 mile mark to the 5 mile mark.

At the five mile mark actual speed was also recorded; however, this speed was not an average speed rather actual speed at the five mile mark.

Rookie qualifying speeds shown in bold with highest speed in italics.

* Bruno Verstraete as driver not Joe Jarick as listed in Official results.

Unofficial timing:
Team Healey used Speed GPS, shown in the right hand column, in both Austin Healey's for unofficial speed recording.

Due to the weather delay organisers requested drivers at the official drivers briefing to not continue after the four mile mark in order to speed up the start process in that way allowing the maximum number of runs for all drivers.

Copyright: Joe Jarick

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