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The Austin-Healey SPL227B Endurance car and the SPL261-BN Streamliner (pictured above) broke speed and endurance records at Bonneville in 1954; after years of research, one enthusiast has begun reviving both cars to replicate the event.

The original cars fell apart after the speed runs: the chasis of the Speedliner rotted away due to salt corrosion and rumour has it that the engine block was buried in the Utah desert. Dutch Healey fan Wiet Huidekoper sourced a variety of original parts from various locations with the help of figures such as Roy Jackson-Moore, a member of the 1954 Healey team.

Steve Pike of Marsh Classic Restorations has given the task of reassembling the cars and fabricating the missing parts. Several of Geoff Healey's records and the original drawings were also uncovered during the search.

After completion and final testing, both cars will head for the Bonneville Salt Flats for a series of high-speed runs.

Check out the progress of this history-making project by visiting the team's web site ...

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